Journal of Personal Finance


The Journal of Personal Finance

The Journal of Personal Finance (JPF) publishes empirical and theoretical research on topics related to household financial decision making. JFP encourages submission of both normative and empirical research on topics including household portfolio choice, retirement planning and income distribution, individual financial decision making, household risk management, life cycle consumption and asset allocation, investment research relevant to individual portfolios, household credit use, professional financial advice and its regulation, behavioral factors related to financial decisions, financial education and literacy, and other topics that are of interest to scholars and practitioners in the field of personal finance.

The Journal of Personal Finance is one of two official publications of the International Association of Registered Financial Consultants (IARFC). Readers of JPF include academics, practicing financial planners, insurance advisors, other securities industry professionals, and financial planning consultants.

Initiated in 2002, the Journal has grown in scope, acceptance and recognition among practitioners and academicians. Readership now exceeds 3,500 paid subscribers. Additionally, the Journal is available through university libraries, inter-library loan, and leading electronic indexing and abstracting services, such as Cabell Publishing, Inc.